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Must See Videos before attending the WIN Programme

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NoDepartmentMain LinkAlternate Link
1Occupational Safety, Health And Environment (OSHE)Link 1Link 2
2SecurityLink 1Link 2
3Network & Intelligent Campus Ecosystems (NICE)Link 1Link 2
4Financial Assistance – Bursary & PTPTNLink 1Link 2
5Virtual Classes by Center for Lifelong Education & Learning Innovation (LEARN)Link 1Link 2
6LibraryLink 1Link 2
7FinanceLink 1Link 2
8Mind Your Health with MISG InsuranceLink 1Link 2
9Exam & Record UnitLink 1Link 2
10Student Lifestyle & Experience (STyLE)  
iSports UnitLink 1Link 2
iiStudent Development & ActivityLink 1Link 2
iiiCounseling UnitLink 1Link 2
ivResidential UnitLink 1Link 2
vStudent Service Center UnitLink 1Link 2
vi.Character Building BriefingLink 1